Fall Protection


The information provided in this course will provide rig workers with an understanding of the basic principles of fall protection. The goal of this training is to prevent falls and minimize fall related injuries in the drilling and service sectors of the Oil and Gas industry by providing rig workers with the basic knowledge and hands on training associated with fall protection.

Covered in this course are equipment use, selection, care and demonstrations of proper utilization of fall arrest systems and how to select and wear a harness, pick a proper place to tie off connecting devices, proper selection and use of connecting devices and components, and all relevant legislation.

Who should attend

Any workers involved in drilling or well servicing operations.

Key Topics

  • Fall protection principles

  • Anchorages

  • Body support devices

  • Connecting components and devices

  • Life lines

  • Ladder-climbing techniques

Course Length

Two Days


In addition to PPE, participants are required to bring a hard hat (with chin strap). If student does not have required PPE some may be provided on-site.


  • Classroom lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Group exercises

  • Hands on practice


Upon successful completion of the prescribed practical skills and written exam, the student is issued an standard certificate of completion.