IWCF Training

IWCF Training- Clear Spring Energy– Canada, China, Middle East


One of the most important aspects of drilling wells in today’s oil industry is to control formation pressures. One indicator of this important aspect is the fact that regulatory bodies around the world require that specific personnel working in this industry either be trained in well control principles and procedures or be tested to prove their competence. It is without question that training plays an important part in successful well control.

IWCF is taught at all 3 locations, Canada, China and Middle East. International Well Control Forum, more commonly known as “IWCF” is an organization that is recognized around the world as the leader in developing and administering well control certification programs for personnel working in Well Drilling, Workover and Well Intervention operations in the oil and gas industry. IWCF Well Control courses cover theoretical and practical well control for both Surface and Subsea BOP installations. There are four IWCF certification levels; Drillers level, Surface or Subsea combined; Supervisor level, Surface or Subsea combined.

This course is designed to enhance the students understanding of the basic fundamentals of well control. Students will be prepared for the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) exam and gain comprehensive knowledge of well control theory and practices. Students involved in the IWCF well control certification program must demonstrate their knowledge and practical capability by achieving a minimum score of 70% in each section of the IWCF test program. The test program comprises of a practical skills test, a written test on equipment knowledge and a written test on principles and procedures.

Students that pass the course will receive an IWCF certificate that is valid for two years from the date of successful completion of the program.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in drilling and/or well control operations in a supervisory position requiring Surface BOP stack certification or Subsea combined endorsement certification.

Course Length

5 days including IWCF examination on 5th day


  • Classroom lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Class discussion

  • Group exercises

  • Hands on practice

  • Practical skill assessment