IADC Well Control


The WellSharp program is based on the principle that proper training, emphasizing the knowledge and practical skills critical to successful well control, produces competent rig crews. This is the fundamental values held at all 3 training facilities in Canada, China and Middle East. The purpose of the IADC WellSharp core curriculum is to identify a body of knowledge and a set of job skills which can be used to provide well control skills for drilling operations. The curriculum is divided into three course levels: Introductory, Fundamental, and Supervisory.

The basic target of students for each core curriculum level are:

INTRODUCTORY: Floorhand, Derrickman

(May also be appropriate for non-technical personnel)

DRILLER: Derrickman, Assistant Driller, and Driller

SUPERVISORY: Toolpusher, Superintendent, and Drilling Foreman

Upon completion of WellCAP well control training course based on curriculum guidelines, the student must demonstrate their knowledge and practical capability by achieving a minimum score of 75% in each section of the WellCAP test program. The student should be able to demonstrate a practical skills test, take a written test on equipment knowledge and a written test on principles and procedures as outlined in the WellCAP curriculum for the chosen level.


  • Focuses on theory, methods, competence and complications

  • Focuses on competency of core topics and skills

  • Crew awareness of well control equipment and procedures

  • Team approach using unique IADC problem solving template

  • Core curriculum based on IADC approved case histories
    Simulator exercises.

Course Length

5 days


  • Classroom lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Class discussion

  • Group exercises

  • Hands on practice

  • Practical skill assessment